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You mean people read these things? Oh well. Here's some stuff: I read in spurts. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all. Sometimes books, sometimes only articles or newspapers or magazines or whatever's on that box of cereals. I don't review books. I sometimes have random semi-coherent thoughts and I sometimes rant, but i never review.


Oh, and I try to rant in the same language as the book I'm ranting about was written, which means you might encounter Norwegian, English, German or French here, all of it mangled to some degree.


I can read most genres, but I tend to prefer scifi. 

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Go Set a Watchman

Go Set a Watchman - Harper Lee Lee Starts out excruciatingly slow, and is marred by poor editing (Is the school headmaster Mr Tuffett or Ms Muffett?) It picks itself up a bit in the final third and becomes a nice but somewhat uninspiring read.

Mild spoilers:
Others have mentioned how their biggest disappointment is the relegation of Atticus from God Almighty to Regular Joe. I don't see that at all. All through Mockingbird I looked at Atticus as a decent role model for fathers and people in general, but felt very clearly that he was presented through the eyes of a child that adored him. This book only strengthens that view for me. Atticus is still as much a standout father, but with the obvious flaws that make him a mortal man. His handling of what can only be called a very delayed teenage rebellion seems to me to be nothing but a success. That he has views and opinions most people today probably do not have takes nothing away from that.

I went into this with low expectations, I figured there was a good reason this book was never published, before and there is. It appears unfinished and rather immature and would probably not have appeared at all (or at least not in this form) had it not been a guaranteed success. In conclusion, you certainly do not _have_ to read this, but it's not all bad either.