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Can't Stop the Signal

You mean people read these things? Oh well. Here's some stuff: I read in spurts. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all. Sometimes books, sometimes only articles or newspapers or magazines or whatever's on that box of cereals. I don't review books. I sometimes have random semi-coherent thoughts and I sometimes rant, but i never review.


Oh, and I try to rant in the same language as the book I'm ranting about was written, which means you might encounter Norwegian, English, German or French here, all of it mangled to some degree.


I can read most genres, but I tend to prefer scifi. 

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Pwning Tomorrow
Lauren Beukes, Bruce Sterling, Charlie Jane Anders, Cory Doctorow, Kameron Hurley, Hannu Rajaniemi, Neil Gaiman, Ramez Naam, SL Grey, Charles A. Human, Dave Maass, Madeline Ashby, Annalee Newitz, Charles Yu, Carolyn Jewel, Paolo Bacigalupi, James Patrick Kelly, Paul Leice
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Mastering Emacs
Mickey Petersen
Roberto BolaƱo
Arguably: Selected Prose
Christopher Hitchens

Booklikes Dislikes

I love a lot of things about Booklikes, and I'd really like to make it my permanent home for book-related things, but there are some stuff I absolutely despise about the site.


1. There is no export. This really is a showstopper. Enough sites have died on me that I am unwilling to invest time in a site that might pack up and leave without giving me a chance to take my work with me. Yes I can manually copy everything I do here somewhere else, but then what's the point? 


2. The handling of different editions of the same work is seriously lacking. 


3. The site loads like a starved turtle, please try to optimize it just a little bit?


4. Not all that important, but the page design is overcrowded and rather unpretty. I have no idea if this also affects page load times.



If point one were fixed I could live with the rest.