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You mean people read these things? Oh well. Here's some stuff: I read in spurts. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all. Sometimes books, sometimes only articles or newspapers or magazines or whatever's on that box of cereals. I don't review books. I sometimes have random semi-coherent thoughts and I sometimes rant, but i never review.


Oh, and I try to rant in the same language as the book I'm ranting about was written, which means you might encounter Norwegian, English, German or French here, all of it mangled to some degree.


I can read most genres, but I tend to prefer scifi. 

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2312 - Kim Stanley Robinson I really liked this one even if it was slow going at times. KSR has a writing style that's really demanding for inattentive people like me. Sometimes I wake up having read several pages without registering a single word because my mind caught on to some previous tangent and veered off into space (pretty literally in this case.)

This book continues exploring some of Robinson's previous themes such as climate change, alternative forms of government and solar system colonization. He also brings in transhumanism and AI among other stuff. As always he's more about ideas than plot, so don't expect a thriller. If you liked the Mars trilogy this is for you.